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During the summer months, your water supply can be impacted for a range of reasons. Unexpected bushfire events, changes in raw water quality such as blue-green algae blooms or low water pressure events can all occur. While we do everything we can to plan and prepare for these circumstances, we want you to be prepared too.

When temperatures outside heat up, demand for water also increases. People use more water to run air conditioners, water their garden and keep cool. 

While most of the region will be unaffected, customers in some areas may experience variable or low water pressure.

You can help by considering how you can minimise your water use:

  • Try to avoid watering your garden between 6pm and 10pm.
  • Be waterwise and keep showers short. 
  • Wash only full loads of clothes.
  • Skip the car washing while it’s hot. 

Stay up to date with Bureau of Meteorology Heat health warnings.

Drinking water in all communities in the Coliban Water region does not pose any health risks and meets all health-based values in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

We constantly test and taste the water, and we'll always let you know if there is a problem.

During summer, changes to the quality of the raw water coming into our water treatment plants can vary, which impacts the taste of appearance of the treated water delivered to our customers.

We do everything we can to remove any taste, colour or odour compounds in the water. But you can rest assured, we only deliver water you can trust.

Learn more about geosmin.

Learn more about Blue Green algae.

Learn more about impacts to raw water quality during summer.

  • In hot weather, keep cool, avoid vigorous physical activity and, most importantly, drink water to stay hydrated.
  • Check on elderly neighbours and family members to ensure they are okay during hot weather.
  • Note heat-related messages from the Department of Health and Emergency Management Victoria
  • Please reconsider all non-essential water use during peak-times on hot days. 

Find out more information from the Better Health Channel.

We’ll provide updates here and on Facebook and Twitter, so you can stay up to date with the latest information about your water supply. 

If water quality changes and an alert is issued, we will notify impacted residents through community updates and warnings, via social media, and SMS messages. 

Click here or call us on 1300 363 200 to update your contact details to ensure you receive the latest news.

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Last updated on 01 May 2024
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