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Be prepared for bushfire season. Make a survival plan, have other sources of water ready and know what to do in an emergency.

Fire bans and ratings

Visit the CFA website for Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Ban declarations.

There are 4 fire districts in our region. 

Prepare for fire season

Before the fire season starts, understand the risks on your property and be prepared in case of a bushfire. Get a free Fire Ready Kit from the CFA website.

Have another source of water

If a bushfire damages our water infrastructure, your water pressure or water supply may be affected. Make sure you have drinking and another water source in case you get cut off.

Other water sources include:

  • swimming pools and dams
  • a water tank specifically for fire fighting
  • rubbish bins, wheelie bins, bathtubs, laundry troughs and 44 gallon drums full of water.

How to pump water

You'll need a petrol or diesel fire-fighting pump to draw water from an independent water supply such as a dam. Talk to a pump specialist to find out about pump fittings and sizes.

If you're using a hose, make sure it's long enough to reach all areas of your home.

Who to contact in an emergency

Emergency telephone numbers

  • Emergency: 000
  • VicRoads road closure information: 13 11 70
  • Wildlife rescue: 1300 094 535
  • State Emergency Service (SES): 13 25 00

Key information services

How we manage bushfire risk

The Bendigo Water Reclamation Plant (BWRP) is in a bushfire risk area. As we own electrical assets here, we have strategies to help mitigate the risk of fires.


Last updated on 20 Dec 2023
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