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To take water from a standpipe connected to the Coliban Water network, you need a water carting permit. This includes all council-operated standpipes.

There are 3 types of water carter permits:

  1. Drinking water carter

  2. Private water carter

  3. Recycled water carter

Only drinking water carters can sell water for human consumption. They must also register with their council. Visit the Government's Health.Vic website to find out more.

Find a standpipe

Our interactive map shows the location and operator of each standpipe. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the traffic management plans for each location.

Apply for a water carting permit

We process all applications for water carting permits, including the use of council-operated standpipes.

How to apply

Choose one of following:

  1. Water Carter Application (Coliban Water operated standpipes) online form
  2. Water Carter Application Permit Only (Council/ Shire operated standpipes) online form

If you already have a water carter permit and need to update your details, use our Change of Details (PDF 25KB) form. Submit it by mail or email.

AvData key

Once your application is approved, you will need an AvData key to use our standpipes. AvData keys are available to buy from our office for $35. At the end of each month, you will be mailed an account directly from AvData that shows the location, date, time and cost for each use.

For pricing, see our fees and charges page.

How to use a standpipe

Close up of hands demonstrating use of standpipe

  1. Hold your AvData key to the panel
  2. Press the 'On' button to start the water flow
  3. Press the 'Off' button to stop the water flow. This may take 10-20 seconds.

The hose may not always reach your tank. You may want to use a 90mm pipe to help direct water into your tank.

When using a standpipe, you must:


Standpipe transition project

We are working to transfer the management of standpipes to Coliban Water as some are currently council-operated. 

These changes will mean more consistent service and fair pricing for users across our region. 

An Avdata information sheet is available here.

You can view Avdata's Privacy Policy here.

Once this project is complete, anyone wishing to use a Coliban Water-operated standpipe will be required to register as a water carter and purchase an Avdata key, if they haven’t already done so.

Last updated on 24 Nov 2023
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