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Permanent Water Saving Rules (PWSR) are 5 common-sense rules that help everyone to use water efficiently and avoid waste. They don't affect the use of grey, tank, bore or recycled water.

The rules apply at all times unless water restrictions are in place. Find out if there are water restrictions in your town.

5 Permanent Water Saving Rules

1. Trigger nozzle

  • Use a leak-free hand-held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle at any time.

2. Watering systems

  • Watering systems can be used on residential or commercial gardens and lawns any day between 6pm and 10am.
  • A bucket or watering can may be used at any time.

3. Public spaces

  • Public gardens, lawns and playing surfaces can be watered at any time with a hand-held hose, bucket or watering can.
  • A watering system fitted with a rain or soil moisture sensor can be used any day between 6pm and 10am.

4. Water features

  • Only use fountains or water features that recirculate water.

5. Hard surfaces

  • Use a high pressure hose, hand-held hose or bucket to water hard surfaces during construction or renovations or to remove a hazard.
  • Hard surfaces can be cleaned once every 3 months if staining develops.


View our Water Restriction By-laws, which sets out four stages of restrictions and prohibitions on the use of water that can be mandated by Coliban Water when it is considered necessary to conserve water.

Last updated on 17 Nov 2022
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