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11 June 2020

Customers in the Heathcote region are now experiencing improved water quality thanks to the completion of the $4.8 million upgrade to the Heathcote Water Treatment Plant (WTP).

Manager Infrastructure Corey Bourne said the project aimed to improve the water treatment process at the plant by addressing operational inefficiencies, taking almost 18 months to complete.

The disinfection equipment on site has been upgraded, including the UV system and chlorine treatment process.

“UV treatment ensures that microbiological pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses, are eliminated and a chlorine contact tank has been added to the treatment process.

“This doesn’t mean we’re adding more chlorine to the water, we’ve just changed the way in which chlorine is added to the water after the filtration process, which is more effective in the treatment process,” Mr Bourne said.

A permanent Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) dosing system has also been installed.

The PAC system provides another filtration barrier, which will significantly reduce the impacts of fluctuating raw water quality that can result in poor taste and odour of the drinking water.

“The plant draws raw water from either Lake Eppalock or Caledonia Reservoir depending on demand and supply factors in the broader water supply system. The PAC system allows taste and odour compounds found in these raw water sources to be treated more effectively,” Mr Bourne said.

The upgrade works will also allow for the plant to run more efficiently, by treating and recycling wastewater produced during the treatment process and therefore reducing the demand on raw water and downstream waste water treatment facilities.

“It means we can prevent excess wastewater being released to the sewer network, and in turn, reduce the volume going in to our Heathcote Water Reclamation Plant,” Mr Bourne said. 

The upgrades are now operational and will service our customers in the growing Heathcote region now and into the future.

For further information, please call our Customer Support Team on 1300 363 200 or visit

Last updated on 11 Jun 2020
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