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Tenants and property owners have different responsibilities when it comes to paying bills and managing accounts. These responsibilities for residential and business customers are set out in Victorian Government legislation.

If you’re buying or selling or need to know the fees owing on your property, order an Information Statement or Special Meter Read.


As a tenant, it's your responsibility to close your old water account and contact us to arrange a new account. As a landlord, you may tell us when a new tenant moves into your property. Use our Move In / Move Out a Tenant online form to update your details.

If you would like to give another person access to your account, submit the Authorise Access to My Residential Account form online. To add another property owner to the account, you need to send us an updated property title with their details.


Owners of commercial properties are responsible for managing accounts and paying bills. We don't open accounts for commercial tenants.

By submitting an Authorise Access To My Commercial Account form online, the tenant can make enquiries about the account.

Update your details

If you're not moving but need to change your account details, visit Update your details.


Last updated on 01 Aug 2019
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