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This is not a complete list of works, just works that may impact customers from traffic or service interruptions. The information is as up-to-date as possible but may change at short notice. Click on the button below to see reactive works, you can also subscribe to our email or SMS updates to be notified of any status changes.

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Castlemaine Water Reclamation Plant upgrade works

  • Castlemaine Water Reclamation Plant, Langslow Street

We are carrying out an upgrade to the odour management system at our Castlemaine Water Reclamation Plant.

The upgrade will address odour concerns and improve performance to ensure more effective odour management.

There is an increased risk of odour emissions from the site during the works. 

Water carting - Dingee

  • Dingee

We are experiencing poor raw water quality due to increased levels of Blue Green Algae (BGA) detected in the raw water supply at Dingee.

We are commencing water carting this week to supplement the town supply until raw water quality improves, which we expect to take several weeks. 

Some customers may have experienced odour from the water supply.

We have increased our water quality testing program to monitor the situation more closely.

Customers in Dingee are reminded that your township water supply is non-potable (un-treated) and is not deemed suitable for drinking or cooking purposes. 

Cohuna Water Tower works

  • Cohuna

A small section of concrete render from the Cohuna Water Treatment Plant elevated water tank has fallen away.

The debris fell on Coliban Water owned land and presents no danger to the public.

We are investigating the cause of the damage, however at this point in time we believe it is non-structural.

There is no risk to your water quality or supply.

For the safety of our staff we have erected a fence around the tower.

Digital Metering Program installation, Castlemaine

  • Castlemaine

Our contractors, Ventia, will be installing data loggers on customers' water meters in Castlemaine until the end of September 2020 as part of our Digital Metering Program

Customers do not need to be home at the time of installation, which will take up to 30 minutes to complete.

Customers will continue to see our contractors in the area once your data logger has been installed as they monitor and verify the network connections.

Chlorination program, Castlemaine

  • Castlemaine, Chewton, Campbells Creek, Elphinstone, Taradale, Harcourt, Fryerstown, Barkers Creek, Maldon, Yapeen, Newstead and Guildford

The chlorination program for the Castlemaine water supply network has now been extended so that we can continue to investigate the right balance between chlorine levels and the customer experience.  The trial is to improve disinfection and maintain chlorine residuals across the entire supply network.

The treatment method is known as free chlorination, or chlorination. The chlorination treatment method itself is not a trial, it is a tried and tested treatment method. We have been trialling the effectiveness of this method in the Castlemaine water supply network.

We continue to monitor the chlorine dosing rate and work to improve chlorine levels at the extremities of our network. The water is safe to drink and meets the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) about the program.

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