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Recycled water

Recycled water is wastewater that’s been treated so it can be reused for other purposes.

Throughout our region we treat wastewater at our Water Reclamation Plants and find beneficial ways to re-use the water.

There are 3 classes of recycled water, each with their own uses.

Class A Recycled Water
Class A recycled water is the state’s highest quality of recycled water, with the widest range of uses, including uses that may involve direct human contact. These include clothes washing, closed system toilet flushing, garden watering and firefighting.  It can also be used to irrigate food crops that are either consumed raw, or sold to customers uncooked or processed, as well as for all the uses for which Class B and C recycled water can be used.  

Class A recycled water is produced in accordance with state’s guideline for water recycling, which were developed by EPA Victoria and the Department of Health.

Class B Recycled Water
Class B recycled water may be used to irrigate sports fields, golf courses and dairy cattle grazing land.  It can also be used for industrial wash down, as well as for the uses listed for Class C recycled water, but has restrictions around human contact.

Class C Recycled Water
Class C recycled water may be used to irrigate cooked or processed human food crops. It can also be used for livestock grazing and fodder, as well for some human food crops that are eaten raw, such as apples, pears, table grapes and cherries. It can be used to irrigate some public open spaces such as sporting grounds, golf courses or and other areas, provided there are suitable controls on public access.


Bendigo Recycled Water Program

Wastewater treated at the Bendigo Recycled Water Factory is treated to a Class A standard and delivered through a separate purple pipe system with its own meters and connection points.

If your property has recycled water you'll have a separate water meter, taps and plumbing that are all purple for easy identification.

Recycled water connection test

Connecting to recycled water

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