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Permanent Water Saving Rules are always in place to help us use water efficiently. Water corporations sometimes use water restrictions to help manage urban water use.

A Water Use Plan controls the use of water for specific purposes or for a specific stage of restrictions. It helps you maximise your water-savings during restrictions. In special circumstances, you can request an exemption from some permanent water saving rules or a stage of water restrictions.

If these circumstances apply to you, you can apply for an exemption.

Use this form to apply for:

  • an exemption to permanent water-saving rules or a stage of water restrictions.
  • a Water Use Plan.

A Water Use Plan will only be approved if:

  • the water use described in the plan is permitted under the relevant stage of restrictions.
  • the Water Use Plan is part of a water restriction exemption application.

Apply for an exemption

Start this form to apply for an exemption to current water use rules.
Last updated on 30 Nov 2023
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