Non-residential customers

A small but important percentage of customer population are non-residential customers, for which we provide specialist Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved services; notably trade waste disposal for milk processors, abattoirs, a variety of regional food processors, major laundries, hospitals, saleyards and a tannery.

If you're a large business considering relocating to North-Central Victoria, we'd encourage you to look through this section to learn more about how we can provide high quality, yet cost-effective water and trade wastewater disposal solutions to exactly suit your operations.


> Trade waste

As well as our normal wastewater disposal services, we also offer special EPA-approved trade waste disposal services for larger industries operating or considering relocating to our region.

See more information on Trade Waste.


> Pricing policy

We set highly competitive prices for our non-residential customers to ensure they all receive quality water and wastewater services, regardless of their field of operation.

We can also work with you to budget your account payments, to ensure your continued business success.


Change to non-residential tenants account arrangement

From 1 March 2014 we will no longer accept requests to list a tenant as the recipient of a non-residential account.

All accounts will be issued to the landlord/property owner, who are ultimately responsible for the account.

This will only apply for new accounts. All previous arrangements remain in place.

For further information see our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 134KB) or contact our Revenue Team on 1300 363 200.



> Water services

We already provide a secure and consistent quality water supply to our many non-residential customers across North Central Victoria.

Our customers receive world-class treated water, adding even further value to the products or services produced locally, especially in the food processing areas.

We can also advise your business on the most economic way of increasing your access to our quality water supplies.


> Accident prevention

As part of our commitment to delivering a safe and reliable water supply to our non-residential and domestic customers we've introduced several key initiatives.

The most notable is our 'Backflow Prevention Policy', which helps protect our water supply from contamination - and also helps protect local business operators from potentially devastating legal action.




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