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> Water Supply Demand Strategy (WSDS)

We submitted the completed WSDS together with the accompanying Alternative Water Atlas to the then Department of Sustainability and Environment and Minister for Water on 30 March 2012.

Our WSDS has been broken down into strategies for each supply system in our region.

Coliban Region Summary
Coliban Northern and Southern
Campaspe System
Elmore System
Goulburn System
Loddon System
Murray System
Trentham System
Wimmera System


> Alternative Water Atlas

Our Alternative Water Atlas presents supply options relating to alternative water sources in our region.

These can include stormwater and recycled water that may be available as future opportunities for our communities.

View the Coliban Water Region Alternative Water Atlas









> Waterplan 2055

Waterplan 2055 provided detail on the actions to be undertaken to secure water supplies up to 2055 in the Coliban System of the our region. The majority of these actions have been implemented.

Download a PDF (6.76MB) of the Coliban Water - Waterplan 2055


> Waterplan 2055 Extra

Waterplan 2055 Extra was a water security strategy for the 28 towns in the Campaspe, Goulburn, Groundwater (Elmore and Trentham), Loddon, Murray and Wimmera systems of the Coliban Water Region.

This was a separate plan to Waterplan 2055 which was for the Coliban system of the Coliban Water Region.

Download a PDF (493KB) of the Coliban Water - Waterplan 2055 Extra


> Waterplan 2055 - 
Our Year 5 Review

This document is a five-year review of the progress we have made against the initiatives included in Waterplan 2055 published in 2006.

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