Urban Water Strategy

> Why do we need an Urban Water Strategy?

The Urban Water Strategy is our plan to secure water for future generations.

Our region is heavily influenced by climate change and a growing population.

Our strategy is designed to be reviewed regularly to ensure that we are getting the balance right.

The Urban Water Strategy has a number of objectives:

  • It helps us ensure that we have safe, secure, reliable, cost efficient water and sewerage services.
  • It encourages the sustainable use of water resources.
  • It enhances the liveability, productivity, prosperity and environment of our cities and towns.
  • Ensure that the water needs of environmental assets are transparently considered.
  • Provide for a transparent and rigorous decision-making process, with clear roles and responsibilities, and accountabilities, which can adapt to the changing environment.

What is the Urban Water Strategy?

The Urban Water Strategy is a 50-year plan to balance the supply of water with the demand of our region’s water needs.

We face a number of challenges over the next 50 years including climate change and population growth. This will result in an increased demand for water competing with a diminishing supply of water.

We manage nine distinctly different water supply systems that have unique characteristics. To ensure that we can meet these challenges we have four broad strategies in place:

  1. Operational flexibility: We will make the most of our current assets and infrastructure.
  2. Demand management: We will educate and engage our customers to collaborate with them to conserve water across the region manage losses and leaks.
  3. Alternate water sources: We will investigate new and additional sources of water.
  4. Supply augmentation: We will connect communities via new pipelines and use the water market to buy and sell additional water.

> Urban Water Strategy 2017

Our Urban Water Strategy outlines our water supply initiatives to meet our region’s residential, business and community water needs for the next 50 years.


> How can I have my say on the strategy?

We are meeting with local councils and community groups to discuss our Urban Water Strategy and listen to what is important to our customers.

You can give us feedback any time by calling us on 1300 363 200 or email coliban@coliban.com.au

We hold customer and community engagement at the heart of our business. We will include our stakeholders and customers in transparent conversations and decision making.

> Urban Water Strategy 2017 Appendices


Supplementary material to our Urban Water Strategy 2017.




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