> What is Sustainability?

Sustainability means much more than being environmentally friendly.

Through our Sustainability Strategy, we aim to address how the actions of the organisation today will influence tomorrow’s generation in regards to price, access, quality and supply of water and sewer services.

We strive to exceed customer expectations and through improved internal processes, innovative thinking and optimising resources we believe we can.

The Sustainability Strategy highlights our commitment to improve our efficiencies and keep pressure off prices.

As a water business our primary sustainability challenges include:

  • Energy – Water – Carbon relationship
  • Land management
  • Climate variability
  • Population Growth

> Strategies

Sustainability Strategy (PDF 383KB)

Sustainability Principles

Sustainability Goals

Biodiversity Strategy (PDF 100KB)


> Policies

Catchment Water Quality Protection (PDF 1.6MB)

Separation distances from Water Reclamation plants policy (PDF 131KB)


> Further information

Managing Environmental Risk

Catchment Protection

Land Management and Biodiversity


Victoria's Renewable Energy Targets

> Sustainability Slide Show



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