Catchment Protection

> The Coliban System

We manage three major supply reservoirs on the Coliban River: the Upper Coliban, Lauriston and Malmsbury Reservoirs. Each reservoir is contained within its own defined catchment.

All of our catchments are open catchments where the land within the catchment is privately managed over many land titles by the rural community.

To manage the risks associated with open catchments we partner with the community, agencies and government in order to manage and protect the security of regional water supplies.


> Dam Safety and Dams Flood Mitigation

As part of the risk management for our catchments we develop, implement and report on our emergency management plans, systems and processes for dam safety and flood mitigation. For further details see our Policy Statements below:

Dam Safety Policy Statement (PDF 530KB)

Dams Flood Mitigation Policy Statement (PDF 557KB)


> Drinking Water Storages and
Land Management Plan

Effective land management around our Coliban River storages and the surrounding catchment plays a key role in providing safe drinking water to many central Victorian communities.

Following public consultation we have now finalised the Drinking Water Storages and Land Management Plan for our three catchment storages near Kyneton - Malmsbury, Lauriston and Upper Coliban reservoirs.

This Plan outlines our five-year vision with regards to improved outcomes for land management, recreation, and adjoining landholder and community relationships around these storages.

The plan also provides information on incentives available to adjoining landholders for fencing and off-storage watering infrastructure.

Email or call us on 1300 363 200 for further information on the plan.


Further information

Community Update - June 2016 (PDF 997KB)

Community Update - December 2014 (PDF 733KB)

Fact Sheet - Livestock fencing (PDF 511KB)
















> Eppalock Proclaimed Catchment

The Coliban System reservoir catchments form part of the greater Eppalock Proclaimed Catchment.

Proclaimed water supply catchments provide water resources to a reservoir or water storages used primarily for domestic water supply purposes and are established under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994.

The Eppalock Proclaimed Water Supply Catchment covers 2,000 square kilometres and is located in the upper reaches of the Campaspe River between Trentham and Heathcote and down to Lake Eppalock.

The catchment includes all or parts of five Local Government Areas:

> City of Greater Bendigo
> Hepburn Shire
> Macedon Ranges Shire
> Mitchell Shire
> Mount Alexander Shire

> Further information

Upper Coliban Reservoir Map (PDF 524KB)

Lauriston Reservoir Map (PDF 92KB)

Malmsbury Reservoir Map (PDF 98KB)

Discover Our Reservoirs brochure (PDF 2.2MB)

Pine Safety Removal project


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