Water Restrictions

> Water Restrictions

In March 2011 the Victorian Government announced a state-wide review of water restrictions.

The aim of this review was to ensure efficient use of water and avoid wastage, to offer customer choice and flexibility and to achieve rule consistency across the state.

The new Water Restriction By-law 12 came into effect Thursday 29 March 2012.

From 19 January 2013, no towns in our region are on water restrictions. Permanent Water Saving Rules are in place in all towns.

Diagram of our service region and supply systems showing town water restrictions as at 19 January 2013 (PDF 1.2MB)

> Water Carter Permits

A water carter permit is required to take water from a public standpipe if the standpipe is in an area under our Water Restriction By-law 12.

Commercial water carters and private individuals must have a permit.

Find out more from our Standpipes page.




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