Saving Water

We are committed to water efficiency and appreciate our customers’ efforts to use water wisely. Here is some more information and ideas to help you save water and money.

> Your water use

By undertaking some simple monitoring of your water habits you will get a snapshot of your daily water usage and find ways of saving water and money.

Understanding your water use
Understanding your bill


> In the workplace

It is important to identify the areas where your business uses water. Whether it’s town water or rural water there many ways to improve water efficiency.

Smart Water Advice
Rural Water Awards

> In the home

We use a large amount of water inside the home for washing, brushing teeth, flushing toilets and cooking. With some simple and easy behaviour changes we can save water.

Smart Water Advice
Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards
Showerhead Exchange
Community Rebates Program


> In the garden

Outdoor water use can account for up to 50 per cent of the average Australian home’s water use. Large amounts of water are wasted so we can make some big savings.

Smart Water Advice
Permanent Water Saving Rules
Smart Gardens for a Dry Climate
Plant finder

Sustainable Gardening Australia



> At school

Schools have many of the same appliances you would find in a home and many schools have gardens. Find out how to save water at your school.

Water Heroes program
Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP)
ResourceSmart Schools


> Other information

Websites and resources that can help you save water and money.

Target Your Water Use
Water Restrictions
Water efficiency videos
Sustainability Victoria
Victorian Building Authority





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