Bendigo Groundwater Project

> Background

Naturally occurring groundwater within the historical mine workings beneath Bendigo has been recovering to natural levels since mining activity ceased in 2011.

The groundwater contains elevated levels of salinity, arsenic, other heavy metals and hydrogen sulphide gas (rotten egg gas).

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has been working with community, stakeholders and local agencies to identify interim and permanent solutions for managing the groundwater.


> Interim solution

The Victorian Government committed $27.4 million to support a Transitional Solution to Bendigo’s rising groundwater project.

Coliban Water, in partnership with DELWP, delivered the Transitional Solution, which included refurbishment of a treatment plant at New Moon, north of Eaglehawk, building two pipelines from New Moon to Coliban Water’s Bendigo Water Reclamation Plant in Epsom and creating a new brine storage lagoon at the Plant.


> Permanent solution

DELWP is working with the Community Reference Group and State and Local Government Advisory Group to develop long-term options including how solutions will be funded and managed.

Several concepts were raised following a public call for ideas and these are now being explored in further detail.

Further information is available on the DELWP website.


> Further information

Transitional Solution (PDF 197KB)

Pipeline alignment (PDF 344KB)

Department of Land, Water and Planning (DELWP)

Managing groundwater from Bendigo mines


> Bendigo Groundwater project slide show

Bendigo Groundwater Project


> Proposed project timelines

8 July 2016
The Victorian Government commits to fund the Transitional Solution

February 2017
Construction starts for Transitional Solution

August 2017
Project completed

September 2017
Operation of TransitionalSolution


> Contact us

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