We provide wastewater services to around 61,000 properties in our region. Sixteen water reclamation plants are operated by Coliban Water and our partners.

Water Reclamation Plants at Bendigo, Kyneton, Castlemaine and Echuca provide tertiary treatment and the remainder are secondary treatment facilities.

We report on wastewater services in our Annual Report. See our Water Reclamation System map (PDF 2.4MB)

> Sewer man holes

We have more than 30,000 man holes (or access chambers) across our region in roads, footpaths, private backyards and public spaces.

Whilst there is no certain distinguishing feature that identifies our man holes from others, such as drains, power or telephone, in most instances sewer man holes can be identified as circular in size with either a steel or concrete lid on top.

Man holes are an important part of our sewer network infrastructure as they provide an access point for staff and contractors to inspect and undertake maintenance.

Maintenance activities can include inserting equipment along the sewer main to clear obstructions, applying treatments to kill tree roots to prevent blockages, and relining works to damaged or broken sewer mains in order to restore capacity in the network.


> Lagoon desludging and biosolids reuse

We regularly desludge the lagoons at our water reclamation plants to assist treatment processes.

The sludge is removed to allow more room for the full biological treatment of the wastewater to take place.

The desludging process involves dredging the sludge from the bottom of the lagoon and removing excess liquid to make the sludge more solid.

It is then dried and tested to ensure it meets the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) guidelines for reusing biosolids.

Biosolids are reused on local farms as a fertiliser to improve and maintain soil.

> Lockington Septic Tank Cleaning Service

The Shire of Campaspe has a common effluent scheme in Lockington where all properties have onsite septic tanks which discharge to our sewer system.

Our Lockington customers pay our full sewerage service charge for this hybrid system.

A Community Forum was held in March 2017 in Lockington as part of our Pricing Submission 2018 engagement. The forum focussed on options to make our sewer prices fairer to Lockington customers.

The option chosen was customers will pay the full sewerage service charge and we will pay for a contractor to clean their septic tank every three years.

By providing a septic tank cleaning service we hope our Lockington customers feel they have a fairer sewer service.

> Further information

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Pricing Submission 2018

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> Tree roots and the sewer network

Tree roots cause a large number of sewer main blockages in our region. Roots searching for nutrients intrude into pipes through fine cracks and joinings and grow into dense root systems. These often catch fats, oils and foreign materials which can reduce the flow and result in costly blockages.

Protect your sewer pipes from tree root damage by:

  • Locating your pipes before planting trees or shrubs. Contact CIS Services, who manage private sewer pipe information in Victoria.
  • Enquiring with your local council to learn about nature strip requirements.
  • Seeking advice on appropriate species to plant.
  • Planting a safe distance from pipes.

For information on tree and plant species please refer to Smart Gardens for a Dry Climate. If you would like us to mail you a copy please call 1300 363 200.

> Further information

Trade waste

Recycled water

Sewer blockages

Property Damage - What to do next (PDF)

Electric Line Clearance Management Plan for the Bendigo Water Reclamation Plant (PDF)

Bushfire Mitigation Plan - Powerlines for the Bendigo Water Reclamation Plant (PDF)




> Resources for plumbers

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