Frozen Meters and Pipes

> Accessible water meters

We read water meters each quarter. An estimated date of your next scheduled meter reading can be found on your water bill in the top right hand corner.

It is important our meter reader has safe and clear access to the water meter. It is your responsibility to ensure the meter is not covered by any rubbish, landscaping or debris.

If our meter readers cannot safely access the meter an estimated read will appear on your bill.


> Frozen meters and pipes

Water meters, and the pipes connected to them, can be at risk of freezing if they sit above ground.

During the colder months, water inside the meter and pipes can freeze. As the water freezes, it expands, causing the meter to burst and the pipes to split.

Placing a cover over the meter, such as an upturned bucket or cardboard box, can reduce risk of freezing or bursting.

In doing so, the water meter and pipes should be sufficiently protected from low temperatures and remain easily accessible for meter reading and maintenance.


> What to do if the meter and pipes freeze

If the meter or pipes do freeze the best solution is to wait for the temperature to rise and for the water inside to naturally unfreeze.

You can poor lukewarm water over the affected areas. Do not pour hot or boiling water over your water meter or pipes, as this can cause them to split.

If you experience a burst, you should attempt to turn off your water supply using the stop tap and contact our Customer Support Team for further advice.

For further information, call our Customer Support Team on 1300 363 200 or email us.

Above: ensure the water meter can be safely accessed

Above: a cover over the water meter can help to reduce risk of freezing



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