Property Connections

> Connecting residential and small commercial properties

Any property fronted by a water or sewer main can be connected to our system.

The information below explains how to apply for a connection.

Above: a new housing development

> Useful information

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Water Connections

Sewerage Connections

Recycled Water Connections

Water and sewer plans


> Quick Connect Agents

Register of Quick Connect Agents


> Application forms (online)

Water and Sewer Connection 

Work Over Assets and Easements 

Pressure and Flow Information Request


> Technical Requirements

All connections have to be installed in accordance with the Plumbing Code and our specific Technical requirements.


> Water and sewer plans

To find out the location of our water and sewer mains see our Water and sewer plans page.


> Fees and charges

We will charge a fee per application to your account. You can combine water, sewer and recycled water into one application.

If a property has not been previously serviced, a New Customer Contribution may also apply. This fee does not apply to any recent subdivisions.

To find out whether these fees are applicable please contact us.

Recycled Water connections for residential properties are charged a Plumbing Industry Commission inspection fee.

All fees and charges will be billed to the existing account of the property.

Schedule of Fees and Charges


> Useful websites

Victorian Building Authority (VBA)

Plumbing Code of Australia

CIS Services

> Drinking water connections

To connect to our drinking water system you must purchase a water meter from one of our authorised Quick Connect Agents.

The Quick Connect Agent will submit the application.

Please note: a New Customer Contribution (NCC) fee may apply to an existing lot if it has never been serviced.

Please contact us on 1300 363 200 for more information or see our Schedule of Fees and Charges.


> Sewerage connections

To connect to our sewer system or to alter the service drain that connects your property to the sewer main you need to submit an application.

If you require a plan showing the location of the service drains on your property, contact CIS Services.

> Recycled water connections

Recycled water is available in two residential subdivisions in Bendigo.

If you apply for a potable water connection in these areas you are required to also connect to the recycled water system.

To connect to the recycled water system you can purchase a water meter from one of our Quick Connect Agents.


> Large commercial property connections

If you would like to connect a large commercial property, please contact us. Typically these require pressure and flow test information for fire services designers to consider in their design and planning. Pressure and flow tests can be accessed via applications located on our Online Forms page.



> Mains extensions

If you would like to receive our services but your property is not fronted by a main, you will need to find out if your property is suitable for a mains extension.

Our Land Development Manual provides additional information that may be helpful to understand likely requirements for your development proposal.

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