Building over assets and easements

We own hundreds of kilometres of pipes, pump stations and other types of assets that are used to provide service to our customers.

Assets can include sewerage pipes, drainage pipes and channels, water mains, manholes and anything else owned by Coliban Water.

Sometimes these assets, especially sewer mains, are located on private property.

Most assets are protected by easements or under the Water Act.

An easement is a right held by us to make use of the land over the asset to conduct maintenance or replace the asset.

You cannot build on any part of a Coliban Water easement, or if there is no easement on your title, you cannot build within one metre of the edge of the asset without our permission.


> Obtaining Permission

If you cannot avoid building a structure over or near our asset or easement you are required to enter into a Build-Over Agreement.

A structure is anything including, but not limited to, shed, paving, carport, retaining wall, major landscaping, decking, veranda, tank, pool and so on including (Building Class 1-10 of the Building Code of Australia).

Any activity that potentially restricts our ability to maintain or replace assets requires permission.

Consent to build over a Coliban Water easement or asset is not a right or entitlement, but a privilege which is granted conditionally.

Each application is considered on an individual basis and we may withhold its consent. If consent is given, then you are required to enter into an agreement with us that stipulates your rights and responsibilities of both parties.

A Build-Over Agreement is a legally binding agreement entered into by us and the property owner and registered on the Coliban Water property file, giving consent for the structure to be built, yet protecting our continuous right of access.

We must protect our right of access to ensure that we are able to continue to provide a high level of service to our customers and able to maintain or replace our assets in the future.

The agreement also protects the market value and legal integrity of your property by providing clarity of responsibilities.

To apply for a Build-Over Agreement, you have to submit the design of the proposed structure with the application form. An application fee will be charged prior to completition of your application.

The application will be processed within ten business days.

Above: a sewer access chamber, an example of a protected asset


> Fees and Charges

For further information see our Schedule of Fees and Charges.


> Application form (online)

Work Over Assets and Easements 

> Further Information

Buildover Consent Guidelines (PDF 3MB)

Easements - rights and responsibilities FAQs
(PDF 48KB)

Easement Acquisition information brochure
(PDF 1.3MB)

Victorian Building Authority (VBA)


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