Sponsorship Guidelines

Our sponsorship program considers detailed proposals from individuals, groups or organisations for activities, events or programs that provide us with an opportunity to build relationships and develop partnerships within the communities in which we service.

> General

All applications are considered. Our particular interest is in proposals that:

  • Are from community-based organisations for events/programs that support and provides social benefits within our region.
  • Are for tourism, community-based events, festivals, arts and culture, community based water or water conservation-related programs. We do not generally sponsor sporting clubs due to the number of organisations across our region. We do consider special sporting events and often provide in-kind support with the use of our portable water stations.
  • Give a minimum of six months lead-time for major sponsorships (ie: over $2,000).

  • Offer promotion and benefit to Coliban Water.

  • Offer event evaluation and/or audience research during/or after the event.

  • Are from sponsored organisations or groups who are incorporated bodies or operate from a trust account.

  • Request monetary contribution or product/services in-kind.


> Evaluation Criteria

Coliban Water will evaluate proposals in line with our key strategic objectives and also the following:

  • Promotion of responsible use and conservation of water
  • Education of children and the community about water and wastewater
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Socially beneficial to our region

Sponsorships must provide at least four of the following (including number 1):

  • An opportunity to reach our customers through an event/program within the Coliban region.
  • A natural link with our objectives (see above).
  • Naming rights to event or high profile sub-event.
  • On-site promotion opportunity.
  • Provide quantifiable return on investment.
  • Provide opportunities for logo exposure and other media exposure/participation.
  • Provide opportunities for co-operative advertising support.
  • Not all sponsorships that meet our criteria are approved.

To be considered, proposals need to consider and where possible include:

  • Details about the event or activity including information about the sponsorship opportunity.
  • A specific request for what you are seeking – monetary amount, in-kind, donation or involvement.
  • Details of community participation – expected attendance numbers and target audience.
  • A comprehensive list of benefits, including how each benefit is relevant to Coliban Water.
  • Timeline, including important deadlines for things like program details, logos for advertisements or for providing promotional material.
  • Outline the promotion strategy for the event – promotion schedule in place.
  • If you are seeking naming right sponsorship support a list of sponsors who have committed to date or are likely to be involved will assist our decision.
  • Credentials of your organisation and key partners (eg: subcontractors, etc) to support your submission.


> Target Markets

These are our key targets:

  • Urban residential households/families in the Coliban Water region
  • School children/educational programs
  • Large trade waste/industrial customers
  • Rural customers
  • Community as a whole

> Donations

Our donation program is separate from our sponsorships program and seeks no benefit in return for funds or support provided.

Coliban Water’s community donations program aims to provide monetary gestures of support for community/charitable organisations across our region. Each year we choose a number of different causes from across our region to support.

To apply for our donation program, please outline the organisation and the cause you are seeking a contribution for.  All cases are assessed on their merits and previous assistance received from Coliban Water.

> Process for consideration

All proposals are assessed by Coliban Water in accordance with the selection criteria.

The applicant is notified of the receipt of the proposal within 5 days, and of the outcome within 4 weeks. Please consider these timelines when submitting your application.

Coliban Water reserves the right to decline proposals that do not meet the detailed criteria and to terminate agreements if they fail to meet the agreed commitments.

> Submit proposal to

Sponsorship request
Communications and Marketing
Coliban Water
PO Box 2770
Bendigo DC VIC 3554


Or e-mail:  communications@coliban.com.au

Fax:       (03) 5434 1341

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