We like to be involved in our community in various ways, and our sponsorship and donations program is one way we can get involved and provide support.

We receive a range of proposals giving us the opportunity to support individuals, clubs and organisations. With each proposal careful consideration is given.

To help us decide, we assess each proposal against
a criteria. This criteria includes ensuring the activity or event is in line with our mission, vision and values and can also provide a link to core business of water and wastewater in some way.

We also work within an annual budget. So not all proposals are approved, even if they meet the criteria.

Priority is also given to sponsorship packages
that have benefit to our community.

Find out more about our sponsorship guidelines.

Our donations program is separate from our sponsorship program, aiming to provide monetary gestures of support to community/charitable organisations across our region.

Each year we choose a number of different causes from across our region to support. Each cause is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

As with our sponsorships, donations are limited to within our region.

Photograph of our water trailer in use at a community event

Water Trailer in use at a community event.

> Portable Water Stations

As a part of our sponsorship program we have a water trailer and a set of portable refill units we can provide for large outdoor community events.

The sponsorship value of the water stations is $500 per day. To request a portable water station you will need to submit a request form found on our Portable Water Station page.


> How to request sponsorship

To request sponsorship from Coliban Water please submit an online Sponsorship Request Form.

For more information you can email communications@coliban.com.au or call our Customer Contact Centre.

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