Committees of the Board

Committees of the Board are established to provide advice to Management and recommendations to the Board within their delegated areas of responsibility.

Each committee has a charter detailing its role and responsibilities consistent with best practice corporate governance principles.



> Audit Committee

The Audit Committee meets quarterly and at other times as required. It is responsible for making recommendations to the Board on matters including:

  • Oversight of annual budgeting and forecasting processes
  • Financial accounts and external reporting
  • Audit activities (internal and external)
  • Key financial policies and systems of internal control.




The members of the Audit Committee,

who are all independent, are:




William (Bill)



David Richardson






> Risk, Asset and Community

The Risk, Asset and Community Committee is responsible for:

  • Risk management framework, systems and performance
  • Asset management system and performance against objectives
  • Customer engagement including advice on key initiatives and projects
  • Stakeholder engagement including the health and performance of key relationships




The members of the Risk, Asset and
Committee are:


Cameron (Chair)

Marika McMahon Helen



William (Bill)

Nigel McGuckian




> People and Remuneration Committee

The People and Remuneration Committee meets on at least two occasions per year, and is responsible for making recommendations to the Board on:

  • Managing Director’s performance objectives and assessment
  • Succession planning for the Managing Director
  • Executive remuneration (compliance and benchmarking)
  • Diversity strategy and targets
  • Contemporary workplace of choice
  • Health, safety and wellbeing culture.



The members of the People

and Remuneration Committee are:


Roffey (Chair)

David Richardson Marika McMahon
Nigel McGuckian    
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