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The Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant (WRP) treats wastewater from approximately 3,800 connections in Kyneton, Malmsbury, Trentham and Tylden – approximately 7,500 people (according to 2016 Australian Census Data).

The wastewater is collected via 13 pump stations and a sewer network comprising of 80 kilometres of gravity mains and 11 kilometres of rising mains. The sewer network also collects wastewater from the Kyneton industrial estate, which includes an abattoir and the livestock exchange.

Our plant has struggled to store the treated water it produces when there isn’t a demand for irrigation water or sufficient flows to release water to the Campaspe River.

Plant operations updates


Phase 2 works announced – Monday 25 November 2019

Our Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant will undergo a major redevelopment with the announcement of Phase 2 works to begin at the site.

Our multimillion dollar investment will be funded through the reprioritisation of our capital works program and will more than double storage capacity onsite and increase irrigation areas offsite. 

The treatment processes will be upgraded so that only Class B water is used for offsite irrigation and tertiary treated water is released to the Campaspe River.

Phase 2 will deliver the construction of a Class C to Class B treatment plant for the trade waste treatment stream, additional storage of approximately 200 megalitres and additional irrigation areas including the transfer pipework and irrigation infrastructure.

Phase 2 is expected to be complete in December 2020, pending planning and regulatory approvals. 

The works follow on from Phase 1 currently underway, which includes a series of improved treatment processes in the lagoons and tanks for storage of Class B water for irrigation at Hardwick Meatworks.

The redevelopment is expected to be able to serve the Kyneton region until 2040.


Phase 1 works - Tuesday 1 October 2019

We have announced Phase One works to improve the trade waste and domestic treatment processes at the Kyneton WRP. The works will help ensure that water released from the plant is within Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria licence conditions. 

We have come to an agreement with one of our major customers, Hardwick Meatworks, on a number of planned initiatives. These include improving the quality of the wastewater Hardwick’s sends to our plant for treatment, and for Hardwick's to create additional storage capacity and onsite irrigation with Class B treated water supplied by our plant. 

Phase One works are expected to be completed in March 2020. 


Treated water releases

The Kyneton WRP has an Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria Licence that outlines the operational requirements of the plant, and permits the release of treated wastewater to the Campaspe River during periods of natural river flows.

The plant is designed to treat water to an appropriate standard for irrigation, or for release to the Campaspe River.

The release needs to meet both quality and dilution requirements to meet Coliban Water’s Licence conditions.


Kyneton Offsets Project

We're carrying out 10km of environment improvement works along Post Office Creek and Campaspe River in Kyneton in partnership with North Central Catchment Management Authority. This project will improve the water quality in the Campaspe River in the short term while we upgrade the plant to comply with EPA requirements.

For further information see our Kyneton Offsets Project page. 


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Fact sheets

Fact sheet 1: Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant overview

Fact sheet 2: Catchment health partnership

Fact sheet 3: Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant Phase 1 and Phase 2 works


Media releases

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Last updated on 27 Jan 2020
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