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In partnership with North Central Catchment Management Authority (North Central CMA), we're carrying out 10km of environment improvement works along Post Office Creek and Campaspe River in Kyneton.

This includes:

  • revegetating 21 hectares of river frontage with native trees and shrubs
  • installing 12km of fencing to keep livestock out of the waterway
  • removing willow trees


Environmental protection

The Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant releases treated recycled water into the Campaspe River. But an increased flow of sewage to the plant and reduced flow rates in the river is making it harder to meet the conditions of our Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria Licence.

This project will improve the water quality in the short term while we develop a plan to upgrade the plant to comply with service and EPA requirements for the next 20 years.

Visit North Central CMA to find out more about Caring for the Campaspe River.



Willow removal works started in April 2019 and are now complete. Revegetation works will start in Spring 2019.


What to expect

North Central CMA have been working with affected landholders in the lead up to the works.

Off-stream watering arrangements will be provided to landholders who need an alternative water source for stock.

Last updated on 27 Jan 2020
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