We have an ongoing major capital works and asset renewal programs to maintain, and where needed, to improve the quality and reliability of our water and sewerage infrastructure.


> Current projects in our region


> Current projects

Digital Meters

A program to install digital readers on customers’ water meters is being rolled out in our region. Digital meters record water consumption and transmit the data for billing and data analysis.

Bendigo Water Treatment Plant sewer pipeline upgrade project

We are upgrading the sewer pipeline that connects the Bendigo Water Treatment Plant to our sewer network.

Heathcote Sewer Scheme

The City of Greater Bendigo's Domestic Wastewater Management Plan for unsewered areas identified parts of Heathcote as areas to be considered for sewer services to ensure that current regulations are met.

Coliban Main Channel Renewal

The Coliban Main Channel Renewal project is a $4.6 million project to renew 2.7 kilometres of concrete channel.

> Routine renewals and cleaning

Water and Sewer Main Renewal

The ongoing renewal of water and sewer mains across our region ensures we maintain services to our customers.

Water and Sewer Main Cleaning

The ongoing cleaning of water and sewer mains across our region ensures we maintain services to our customers.


Bendigo Groundwater Project

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has been working with community, stakeholders and local agencies to identify transitional and long-term solutions for managing Bendigo's groundwater.

Trentham Groundwater Bore Project

We are carrying out an exploration project to identify additional groundwater resources for the Trentham township.

Pine Safety Removal

Due to age and density, our pine plantations at Malmsbury, Lauriston and Upper Coliban reservoirs are prone to wind damage. We are removing the pines for safety reasons and revegetating using plants local to the area.

Guildford Water Supply Project

We are integrating the Guildford clear water storage tank into the Guildford and Yapeen water supply.

Drinking Water Storages and Land Management Plan

This plan outlines our five-year vision with regards to improved outcomes for land management, recreation, and adjoining landholder.

Rural Reconfiguration

In order to assess the viability of replacing existing open channels with pipelines, each system will be investigated individually. This vision is currently being refined so that the costs and options for each system are identified up front













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